Recover lost files from Mac snow leopard machine

By | March 7, 2016

question_redHello friends, A few days ago I upgrade from snow leopard to mountain lion, it’s a long story short, I hate it and I just want to go back to snow leopard. I do not even care about getting my money back. I just want to my machine the way it was before I installed this disaster. I tried using time machine restore to a previous date that does not work. Is there a most easy way to do this? I do not want to have erased my whole hard drive, which is what I am thinking I may have to do. Is there a better way? Is it even possible to use the SL installation disk twice?

solutionsIf you can solve your problem by the using of following process:

  • First of all you should back up all your data, because it may lose your data.
  • Shut down you system. And then reboot your Mac and hold down command +R.
  • After that you can select “recovery HD” at the boot menu.
  • At the Mac os X utilities screen and then select “disk utility”
  • After that select the hard drive you want to delete.
  • Then select the erase tab and then click on the erase button.
  • Then one of the options next to the apple logo at the top should take you back to Recovery HD.
  • Once there you ought to have an option to install a new operating system.



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