How to solve NTLDR is missing

By | September 13, 2016


I am trying to boot my Computer but an unknown error has been shown on my Computer Screen and i am unable to boot my PC. I have never got this type of error message. What is the actual reason and why i am unable to start the Computer. I am not getting the answer Please anyone give the solution as soon as possible in which i can easily Fix the problem.


This error occurs when the Computer start to boot from a CD-ROM. if your Computer memory card is in a card reader and PC tries to booting form this at this time this error may be occurs. If your Computer has any card reader then make sure no memory card reader is inside the PC. You have to disconnect all the Cameras, iPhone, iPod etc form the PC.

When booting problem found it show the following message like:

NTLDR is Missing
Press any key to restart

Boot: Couldn’t find NTLDR
please insert another disk

NTLDR is missing
Press Ctrl Alt Del to Restart


Click on the my Computer and click on Run command and type cmd command to extract the Bcupdate2.exe utility from the software update.
Expand drive_letter:\bcupdate2.ex_ drive_letter:\bcupdate2.exe

Then run the command prompt to update the boot of the NTFS boot sector. Type Bcupdate2.exe C: /F

The press Y option then you will be get the message boot code was successfully updated.


How to use RegCure Pro Software

Step 1. Download software and install it in your system. Go to setup wizard of RegCure Pro


Step 2. Modify your computer scan, before scanning.


Step 3. Infected area of computer scanned by RegCure Pro

regcure-pro 3

Step 4. After scanning, you will see a message box appears which tell to “Fix All” problems. To solve all problems of Windows errors, click on “fix All”.

regcure-pro 4

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