How to repair Boot errors

By | February 22, 2016

question_redLast night when i was working with my laptop using version Windows XP got booting error. Before i am never getting such type of problem and has not any issue found with my laptop. But I don’t know what the problem may be arise? I am unable to booting, please anyone help me and provide me the solution how i can reboot from my laptop?

In this solution you can boot from XP CD then go to recovery Console. After that you have to remove the non-System disk from the CD-ROM drive. Then check your Computers boot sequence to do this you have to memorize that your laptop first boot sequence is form the CD-ROM Drive.

Then insert Windows XP CD-ROM in to the CD drive, and start to restart the PC. Then Click to choose any option which is needed to start the Computer from the CD- drive. When you will see “Welcome to setup” screen press R to start Recovery Console. After that type Administrator password if it is blank then press Enter.

Enter in the below given commands:

COPY X:\i386\NTLDR C:\ COPY X:\i386\NTDETECT.COM C:\ [Where X=CD ROM Drive]

And then type c:\Boot.ini, if the System unable to find the files your System Boot.ini file is missing or damage. Now take the CD and type Exit.


How to use RegCure Pro Software

Step 1. Download software and install it in your system. Go to setup wizard of RegCure Pro


Step 2. Modify your computer scan, before scanning.


Step 3. Infected area of computer scanned by RegCure Pro

regcure-pro 3

Step 4. After scanning, you will see a message box appears which tell to “Fix All” problems. To solve all problems of Windows errors, click on “fix All”.

regcure-pro 4

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