How to Fix Windows update error 80072efd

By | May 21, 2016

question_redYesterday night when i am checking for Windows update i got a error message 80072efd on the System screen. It was an unexpected error. When i got this error, i saw that Windows update became stop responding and unable to perform the update operation. I have already tried many times to fix this error problem but no result found. Please any one gives the solution of the 80072efd error.

solutionsThis Windows update error occurs if there is any connection problem within the user Computer and the Windows update server. If the server is busy and taking more request at a time, at that time it become unable to access the update operation.
So you have to wait for some minutes and again try to run update operation.
To get resolve from this error you can add the Windows update website address to the blocking program’s exception list to connect Windows update service through the port 80 and port 443 in your System. To add the Windows update service website to a firewall exception list you have to add the below given Microsoft site inside the firewall exception list.
After adding this address of the Microsoft website try to install the Windows update again from your System.


How to use RegCure Pro Software

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