Can’t Access the Hard Drive

By | January 9, 2017

question_redI am facing a problem in which i can’t access my hard drive after many times trying to get success but unable to access hard drive inside the System. I don’t know the exact the error problem why i am unable to access any hard drive. Please anyone suggest me and give the solution and show the steps how I can work with my Computer it was before.

solutionsIt is very common problem of booting error occurs in a System. If the Windows Boot manager is not found which is require at the time of booting, if it is not exist inside the System unable to perform operation. BCD file is necessary to boot the System if it is damage it not possible to booting.If the Windows unable to boot or can’t read from the hard drive it may various type of problem. Check your power supply cable if it is loose or damage it may create problem.

If your hard drive is damage it cannot access the System and it making noise that you have never heard this. You have to shut down the PC instantly and send the drive to a date retrieval service. They will recover all your data and fix the error. you may search data recovery software by online.

How to use RegCure Pro Software

Step 1. Download software and install it in your system. Go to setup wizard of RegCure Pro


Step 2. Modify your computer scan, before scanning.


Step 3. Infected area of computer scanned by RegCure Pro

regcure-pro 3

Step 4. After scanning, you will see a message box appears which tell to “Fix All” problems. To solve all problems of Windows errors, click on “fix All”.

regcure-pro 4

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